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Mi-Jin (Gang Ye-Won) is one of the mythical Korean creatures known as a "gumiho" - a fox with nine tails.

Her mother (Jeon Mi-Sun) and younger sister Mi-Mo (Hyomin) were also a gumiho, but after consuming the livers of 1000 men they became human.

Later, Mi-Jin meets Eung-Suk again at a restaurant he owns. It's almost as if Mi-jin is fighting against the world by only eating livers of men who'd gladly take their lives for her.

She wants to prove that love still really exists in the world and at the same time yearns for it.

Meanwhile, Mi-Jin only takes the lives of men who she really loves.

Mi-Jin is now on board a plane headed to South Korea. Something from the passenger next to her falls to the floor. Despite the airplane shaking noticeably, Eung-Suk is deep asleep.

So um, yeah, Taeyeon and Hyomin 30 dating questions absolutely not a.

suspicious that he’s dating a fan and have scandall when they.

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This led to the next question about her recent dating scandal with Yang Yang.

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HYOMIN'S SONG 'FAKING IT': I pretended that I was doing well, I pretended that I was in love with someone else, I pretended to be happy like that, But really, it felt like I was dying, It’s all so hard, I wanna put everything down now.