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grew from year to year – both in visits and offered services.

In 1997, it had 50,000 visits a day and offered its own full-text search in Czech (people could use the diacritical marks when looking for information in Czech on the Internet).

In that year it also acquired 50% of a video portal,

In 2008, introduced news portal aimed at women (Prož

hi , i hope you had some sucsess with this My friend has also recently purchased an iphone and has an email account with seznam.2001 was the year in which five new services were launched – the most important of them being It is the catalogue of companies’ information, including their fields of business, address, and other contacts.It thus resembled a blog filled by many contributors to amuse each other. Throughout those first years, was able to finance its activities with the money from banner advertisements. A year after the start of the email service, the number of its users had grown to more than 300,000.At the beginning of 2000, needed greater funds to develop further and thus Ivo Lukačovič sold a 30% share of his company to Spray Venture and became a joint-stock company.

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Budem čakať na vás answer.please napíšte mi čo najskôr alebo pošlite mi svoj email správne.

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