Rate online dating profiles

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Rate online dating profiles

Most of her clients find it far easier to provide her with good material after reading through this document.But if this doesn’t work for you, she’ll talk it through on the phone and dig out the information that way.

She will also give you advice on strategy, how to approach online dating to get the best results.

The first telephone conversation, which is free and involves no obligation, will give Bettina some idea of your online dating history and what you are looking for in terms of support. Most of Bettina’s clients seek advice and support to help with the whole online dating process.

She will explain to you the costs you are likely to incur, depending on the services you want her to provide. Bettina can provide information about how to make contact with prospective dates, who to approach, how to respond to welcome or unwelcome attention and how to deal with issues that come up in these early relationships.

Add to this her clinical psychology background and decades of giving advice to men and women about sex and relationships and it’s hardly surprising her dating coaching service is proving such a success.

You may be interested to know that other companies which offer more personalised services, charge many thousands of dollars for making half a dozen introductions.

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Feel free to discuss payment options with Bettina and she can negotiate an arrangement which suits you.

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