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Policy on accommodating disabilities of employees

Back to Top Both young and old individuals are open to the effects of negative stereotyping and discrimination due to their age.

Generalized assumptions, such as “she’s too young to perform that job” or “he’s too old to retrain” run counter to human rights principles and should be avoided.

For further information, discussion and examples of race discrimination see the following: Back to Top B.

C.’s human rights legislation provides protection for people who have been convicted of a criminal or summary conviction offense, or a perceived conviction (i.e.

However if the same applicant were applying for work that entailed working with children, the hiring decision could be influenced by this conviction without violating the to undergo criminal record checks as one means to safeguard the lives of children. At paragraph 318-319 Justice Mac Donald states: An employer must consider the circumstances of the conviction before concluding that the charge relates to the employment.

In determining whether a conviction may or may not influence an employment decision, courts have indicated that the degree of ‘relatedness’ between the conviction and the work must be assessed. Such factors as the details of the offence, the length of time intervening between the conviction and the employment decision, the employment history of the individual concerned, his age at the time of the offence and his efforts at rehabilitation must be considered.

It must be shown that this criterion is rationally connected to the job being offered, and that no accommodation, short of undue hardship, could be made for a potential employee.

Race is often cited as a ground of protection in human rights complaints.

This means that condominiums may legally refuse ownership based on age preferences (i.e. For further information, discussion and examples of age discrimination please see the following: Back to Top Each of the above grounds is protected in B. Each characteristic may be cited alone to illustrate a discriminatory incident, or the characteristics may be combined in order to better reflect a given situation.In [BCHRT (1999), 36 CHRR D/263], the Tribunal ruled that a requirement of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia that foreign trained doctors have an additional year of post-graduate training in order to be eligible for registration constituted discrimination.Similarly, making an employment decision based on the criteria of “Canadian experience” could also constitute discrimination.Has he shown any tendencies to repeat the kind of behaviour for which he was charged?Has he shown a firm intention to rehabilitate himself?

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The history of discrimination in Canada is one of a changing societal and legal awareness of specifically disadvantaged groups of people.

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