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This epsiode deals with those lies that we tell ourselves about dating.

Are you telling yourself all the good ones are taken or that there are no single people in your town?

Ever had anyone just fall off the face of the earth after going out with you?

This is known as ghosting and in this episode we talk about it and what to do... So many women claim to want an alpha male, but are you overlooking them for the poser?

We also answer a listener question about how to find a woman who... Tonight we discuss the worst reasons to try and stay friends with someone you've broken up with. We discussed how to date in a more conscious way and other concepts from the book.

We also help a listener who feels like she's in a funk and Steve straight talks about geting rid of those walls you have built up.It’s a rare man who say, “Jennifer, you are not the woman I truly desire, so I will keep you around until I find someone better.” Ah, no, it’s not gonna’ happen.When a woman dates blindly, she gives up her heart too fast without a proper screening mechanism.Do you know what makes approaching creepy sometimes?In this week's MOD Love episode, we solve the mystery and give you some tips. In this episode we chat with Julia Emerald, sex educator and desire coach, about female sexuality.

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She compromises her boundaries just to keep a man in her life. Hi I’m Gregg and I am a #1 best selling male author who has sold over 250,000 books – I can help you!