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Chen and li ying dating website

There must be something in Chinese movies and productions that make people fall in love.

I really wonder why we rarely see this in Korea and Japan.

”, debunking rumours of Michelle’s involvement as a third party.

If you have been following my comments about Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying, you are probably firmly aware of my conviction that they have successfully translated their reel chemistry to real chemistry.

As for rumours Rain was rumoured with pretty much all of his co-stars, Song Hye-Kyo too.

Sometimes I wonder if it's confusing falling in love with your co-star because it could just be that they fell in love with the respective parts they were playing rather than the person themselves.

The shooting location of these two drastically different productions ironically happen quite close to each other - at Hengdian World Studios.

, spent her birthday this June 1 with Chen Xiao, who appeared outside her hotel in Shanghai though he was supposed to be filming in Tianjin, China.They have not admitted nor denied it, but it's a well-known "secret" within the circle. It's just they are more secretive in Korea and Japan.LMH dated PMY and was rumored dated GHS for a long time.Even though I am fairly confident that something more than "just friends" is lurking between Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying, I can never fully confirmed their relationship until they go public.After the utter failure of my Feng Mi (Feng Shaofeng Yang Mi) craze, I try to avoid shipping onscreen couples too religiously and make hasty assumptions.

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Though, I am happy for those that manage to succeed in long-term relationships.